Calling all Martians & Earthlings!

We are inviting 2 lucky hodlers to the SafeMars & SafeEarth X DJ Kevu + Special guests party! We invite you, and 2 friends to spend 3 nights in Portugal!

To enter you must be able to fly to Portugal from 25th till 28th of June 2021 along with your 2 friends!

You must also:

  1. Purchase $100 USD of SafeMars or SafeEarth

  2. Take a picture with you and your 2 friends holding a piece of paper saying #SafeMars, the current date, and add your picture as a comment to this post, #SafeMars

  3. Record a very short 10 (second max) video explaining why you think you should win.

  4. No sales for 1 week (16th of June)

  5. Retweet this tweet

You MUST submit all the required information along with your wallet address here.